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Tour A5: Ghadames & archaeological sites (10 days)










· Day 1:

Arrival at TRIPOLI, dinner and rest at the hotel.

· Day 2:

We leave to Leptis Magna and visit the city, the museum, the theater and have lunch in Khoms. In the afternoon after a brief stop to see the amphitheater we return to Tripoli for the night in a hotel.

· Day 3:

TRIPOLI -BENGHAZI - PTOLEMAIS - AL BAYDA. Early in the morning flight to Benghazi and by minibus transport to Al Bayda passing by Tukrah and Ptolemais. This was the port city of the Greeks and it is situated on a plateau. We continue to Al Bayda for dinner and night at hotel.

· Day 4:

BAYDA - CYRENE - APPOLLONIA - AL BAYDA. Visit of Cyrene which had been a Greek city and then a Roman one (from 7th century BC until 6th century AD). We will have our lunch at Soussa and continue in the direction of the sites of the Cyrene port and Appollonia with its theater and its three churches. Dinner and night at hotel.

· Day 5:

AL BAYDA - CYRENE - KASRE LIBYA - BENGHAZI Visit of Cyrene museum, the Necropolis of Cyrene and lunch on the way. In the afternoon visit of Kasre Libya and continuation to Benghazi for the flight back to Tripoli. Night at hotel .

· Day 6:

TRIPOLI - SABRATHA Transport to Sabratha and visit of the museum, the theater and the city then back to Tripoli in the afternoon. Visit of Tripoli: Medina, Mosques, Arch Aurele, the markets. Night at hotel.

· Day 7:

TRIPOLI - GADHAMES: Early in the morning departure to Ghadames, passing by Nalut and visit of the fort then lunch on the way. Arrival to Ghadames at the end of the day. Night at hotel.

· Day 8:

FULL DAY IN GHADAMES Visit of the old city situated in a beautiful oasis. Ghadames is classified by UNESCO as one of the world patrimonies. For lunch traditional meal in the old city, in the afternoon visit of the museum and back to hotel for the night.

· Day 9:

GHADAMES - TRIPOLI Return back to Tripoli and night at hotel

· Day 10:

Visit of the museum then to the airport for the flight back to Europe