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 Tour A7: Oases of Libya (15 days)










· Day 1:

Europe - Tripoli then to hotel. Dinner in the city.

· Day 2:

Tripoli - Sabrata - Tripoli Excursion to Sabrata city. Visit of the ancient city. This world of ruins gives a good impression of the Roman life: the forum, the theatre, which is really exceptional, the temple of Isie, the public baths, the ancient houses. Return to Tripoli, tour of the city: the arch of victory of Marc Aurele, some ancient mosques. Night at hotel.

· Day 3:

Tripoli - Nalut - Ghadames Departure to Nalut and Ghadames. Ghadames old city, located in a superb oasis is protected by UNESCO. We see on our way Kasre El Hadj and Nalut fortress. Night in a hotel in Ghadames.

· Day 4:

Ghadames Visit of the old city and its irrigation canals. Visit of the museum. Excursion in the desert. Lunch in a traditional house.

· Day 5:

Ghadames - Gharyan. Departure to Gharyan, famous for its ceramics and the farming of olives. We pass by Kabaw, Yufren and Djado and visit the the natural water jet. Night at hotel in Gharyan

· Day 6:

Gharyan - Ghirza - Sirte. Excursion to Ghirza that crosses the necropolis and the vestige of its houses which show the permanency of the indigenous arts in the Roman era and Byzantines times. Continue to Syrte and night at hotel.

· Day 7:

Sirte - Sultan - Benghazi Visit of the Sultan's museum. Continuation of the trip to Benghazi, the old "Serenice", capital of the Cyrenaic. Visit of the market and of the old city. Night in a hotel.

· Day 8:

Benghazi - Tukrah - Ptolemais - Al Bayda Visit of Tukrah. Resumption of the trip to ancient Ptolemais, present day town of Tolmitha, with a picturesque panorama of very green mountains.Visit of the forum, the remarkable underground cisterns, the palace columns, the Byzantine church. Night at a hotel.

· Day 9:

Al Bayda - Cyrena - Al Bayda Day of visit to the sumptuous sites of Cyrena, the city of Asphadales. The relics of the city lie at some 600m of altitude in Djebel Akhdar. Visit: the Hellenistic Agora, the sanctuary of Appollon, Zeus temple, the Naval Triumph, the therms of Trojan and the Necropole.

· Day 10:

Al Bayda - Appollonia - Al Bayda One full day in Appollonia and Ras El Hilal then back to Al Bayda.

· Day 11:

Al Bayda – Kasre Libya –Tripoli Back to Appolonnia to see the mosaics of the museum and continue to Benghazi then flight to Tripoli. Night at hotel.

· Day 12:

Tripoli - Leptis Magna Departure to Leptis Magna which achieved its peak in the 2nd and 3rd century AD. Then visit of the antique city with its museum.

· Day 13:

Zleitin - Leptis Magna - Tripoli Return to Tripoli through Leptis Magna, whose size and beauty justify a second visit:to the circus, the amphitheater, the port.

· Day 14:

Tripoli A visit of Tripoli museum located in the ancient fortress of the city and visit of the old city.

· Day 15:

Tripoli - Europe Flight back to Europe.